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Operating an industrial motor at constant speed wastes a good bit of energy.  Why?  These motors are designed to exert a great amount of energy by operating at a very high capacity unless an outside force is used to control the speed of the motor.  Variable speed drives do just that.  These drives control the motor’s speed so that it only uses the energy necessary for each task throughout operation.  If a slower speed is needed, then the variable speed drive can be used to safely and efficiently slow the speed of the motor.  This saves energy and helps preserve the life of the motor and machinery that it is operating.

AC Drives are used to control AC motors, while DC Drives control DC motors.  Carotron offers both – we manufacture our own DC Drives such as the Elite Pro and also offer AC Drives that are manufactured by a number of companies, such as KB Electronics.  No matter what your industrial motor control needs, we can help.  Call today!  1-888-286-8614

Happy Easter from Carotron, Inc.!

Posted: 17th April 2014 by editor in Motor Control
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The staff at Carotron would like to wish you and your family a *~* Happy Easter! *~*

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Friday, April 18, 2014: Closed
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Do you need a reliable DC drives manufacturer?  DC Drives provide energy efficiency for heavy duty industrial DC motors, which operate machinery for a variety of applications.  Below is a link to our Top 10 Tips, which discusses the following topics and more…

- Minimum Order Limits

- Geographic Needs

- Order and shipping

- Custom DC drive needs

- Warranties / Guarantees

Click here to read all our tips for selecting the DC drive manufacturer that’s right for your company:

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See the connections, specs, features and more for Carotron’s PI Loop Module (Proportional Integral Loop).  This module is din rail mountable and operates from a 24VDC power source.  It features 10 VDC source for potentiometer input, PI Enable input and other great features.  Read more about this module here:

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                                                    No Pressure to Switch to AC Motors…

Elite Pro DC DrivesIf your facility’s older DC motors are still running like the workhorses they’re known to be, then why replace the motors with new costly AC motors simply because of sales pressure? 

Your DC motor might simply need a new DC drive to help it continue to run efficiently while the motor is still working just as good as ever!  Carotron can help you with your DC drive replacement and even retrofit drives to fit your application.  We don’t try to just sell you the latest product… we try to find the right “fit” or “retrofit” to meet your needs at the most affordable price.

If you don’t need a new motor – and a DC drive will do just fine – then that’s what we offer!  We also offer AC drives and motors if it’s determined to be the sensible option for your application.  Check our DC drives page and see for yourself why Carotron has been one of the TOP DC DRIVES manufacturers in the industry since 1984!

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Check out Carotron’s Sonictrac Pro Distance Measurement Device…


Thought for the Day

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“If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.” — Abraham Lincoln
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Here’s just one reason to consider DSI Dynamatic when replacing any brand of Eddy Current drives.  Want to know more?  Call Carotron at 1-888-286-8614 today for details about our Eddy Current drives…

DSI Dynamatic Eddy Current Drives

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Need AC Motors?  Call Carotron’s knowledgeable staff first to find what you need…  Call 1-888-286-8614

Maraton AC Motors

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Carotron offers a variety of products for motor control and we also provide DC motors from reliable manufacturers such as Leeson.  Check out this DC motor for washguard duty and call if you need assistance:  1-888-286-8614

Washguard Duty DC Motors